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logos + eirini

logos (λόγος) = logic, reason, discourse, law, promise, one’s word, the ability to communicate with language and the divine reason implicit in the cosmos ordering it and giving it form and meaning

eirini (εἰρήνη) = is the Greek word for peace, with etymological roots in εἴρω (eiro) = means to connect, bring together, and to converse + νοῦς (nous) = mindreason

Logos eirini proposes that the logic, the reason within peace is to bring together minds, to converse and connect.

A simple principle is at the core of the logos eirini theory


Improbable ≠ Impossible.

The conflation of the two is the fundamental error at the heart of two key meta-stereotypes that drive our life: The meta-stereotype of our perceived reality (Normality) and the meta-stereotype of the rigid self (Identity Essentialism) read more on the illusion of reality and the role of norms.

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