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One can’t always choose the subject matter; but they can become the weaver of their narratives

Eirini Arket


  • Ptychion in Philosophy, Education & Psychology, majoring in Psychology – University of Ioannina
  • Qualified Teacher Status
  • MSc in Psychology of Education (Distinction) – UCL, Institute of Education
  • Member of the British Psychological Society
  • Associate Fellow Higher Education Academy (UK AFHEA)

At a deeper level,

My academic path has been driven by my interest in understanding the cognitive mechanisms behind prejudice, perspective change and open-mindedness.

My guiding principle is that the past can inform us but doesn’t have to restrain us.

My philosophy is encapsulated in ‘Το Πιθανό’ (To Pithano: Arket, 2014 – Gavrielides books, Greece), a philosophical-psychological novel. The story of an amnesiac psychiatric patient who gets lost in dream worlds becomes a call for the reader to explore how our construction of reality and sense of self rely on the narratives that make up our memory.

The novel plays on the conflation of the probable and the possiblehighlighting the liberating power of the realisation that

our perception of the probable directs our possible and limits our ability to reach our potential.

In 2014 I presented my work at cultural events and media interviews in Greece, alongside Prof Hyphantis (Professor of Psychiatry, specialising in Psychosomatics), Prof Mantadaki (author and Prof of Literature, specialising in language learning), Dr Anagnostou (author and philologist) and Prof Koutras (Professor of Medicine, specialising in psychosocial education and addiction prevention).

Following the publication of To Pithano and a navigation away from trauma, I pursued academic studies in Psychology of Education (MSc) – at University College London (UCL)’s Institute of Education.

Prior to joining the University of Exeter, I worked as a Research Consultant for a London Human Resources Consultancy exploring the role of enabling technology in employee wellbeing and thriving company cultures. 

Forging a path of growth via openness to vulnerability and conscious creativity, I take a philosophical approach to psychology research.

Broadly, my research centres and circles around:

– Untangling the cognitive mechanisms behind prejudice, perspective change, and open-mindedness 

– Identifying links that bring us closer to connection with ‘the other’, and within

 Creating transformation through self-transcending empowerment

At the University of Exeter’s Psychology department, I spent time working with Professor Rutland’s Developmental Intergroup Processes lab, looking at children’s development of social-moral reasoning and the role of norms and morality in differing contexts.

My current research interests expand in the field of psychedelic research and its potential to reconnect us to the depths of meaning lost in increasingly complex worlds, as we untangle the subjective nature of Reality‘s Web towards freedom from imprisonments of memory.

I am a strong advocate for adopting a philosophical approach in science and our personal lives by Challenging Assumptions at an inter&intra-personal and intergroup level.

Always looking to converse if you are open in honest discussion -free of norms of judgment- to form creative collaborations as avenues for change.

Eirini Ketzitzidou Argyri / Eirini K. Argyri / Eirini Arket

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