Logos eirini vision

The logos eirini vision is the development of a truly interdisciplinary model of the mind, ordering the creation of pathways to change through Psychology.

It’s an invitation to return to the origin of Psychology = the study of the logos of the psyche (the Greek word for spirit – soul); re-connecting philosophy and science – theory and practice.

Logos in Greek simultaneously means, logic, reason, discourse, law, promise, one’s word, the ability to communicate with language and the divine reason implicit in the cosmos ordering it and giving it form and meaning.

Eirini (ειρήνη) is the Greek word for peace, with etymological roots in εἴρω= means both to connect, bring together, and to converse + νους= mind and reason.

The logos eirini mission is not a single-person approach.

Through forming connections and having discussions with intellectual humility and compassion we are initiating the creation of a holistic, inter-disciplinary Psychology.

Are you an academic, practitioner, artist, thinker that shares this vision? You are invited to get in touch independent of your quantifications – your input matters.

Logos eirini stems from the examination of every idea on its own merit with the use of logos, remembering to ask why.

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